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My passion for documenting my life experiences through short videos inspired me to turn it into something more — to not only be able to share the power of film, but also how much film enhances others’ memories of their significant moments, too. As someone who was always drawn to my creative spirit, it wasn’t until I realized I could make this passion of mine no longer a side project, but a career. From there, the name Blnk came from a dream. The rest is history.


B-l-n-k, think like blink, except I did the hipster thing and left out the “i”. There’s often a reason for everything, and for me, it was a play on typography. If any of you are design nerds, like me, keep reading. I left out the “i” on purpose, because I wanted the word “blnk” to visually represent it’s meaning — a blink happens in a flicker of time, a moment that passes so quickly, that in fact we have to open our eyes and blink again to live it some more. You know the flickers you see in my videos, or the manipulation I do with time, it’s inspired by this exact thing, this feeling we all feel.

I'm so happy you’re here, and what's even cooler is now you know why Blnk is, well Blnk. With a little bit (more like a lot) of love, and a bucket load (more like infinite truckloads) of passion and hard work, Blnk Films was born.


Tree ring p.3.2.png

Yep, I have a story for that too. The more you get to know me, the more you’ll realize I have a rational for nearly everything. I don’t do things just to do them, I create with intention. Blnk's logo is an illustration of tree rings. Because I gather so much inspiration from nature and the world around us, I spent time diving deep into how our experiences relate to something found in nature that physically documents life and growth. I thought deeper about the idea behind trees as a symbolic tie to human life, more so, a tree’s growth patterns and their relationship to our own life phases. You see? Tree rings —  a symbolic representation of the experiences in our life that make us who we are. Yeah, I think it’s pretty cool too.


the name blnk came from a dream, the rest is history


“I don’t want to be your vendor, I want to be your friend that just so happens to know how to make you a badass wedding video.”



the Filmmaker


What’s most important for you to know about me, my cherished couple, is that I love what I do. I mean that with every ounce of my being.

I’m not sure there’s any “right way” to write about ourselves — do any of us really know how to perfectly sum up who we are as a human? I’ll be the first to say I’m no expert at that. What’s most important for you to know about me, my cherished couple, is that I love what I do. I mean that with every ounce of my being. More than just a filmmaker, I’m a storyteller, and boy am I a feeler. I’m there to embrace all of your moments as if they’re my own, passionately and wholeheartedly. Beyond your wedding day, I aim for that through my films too — to not only capture your day for what it is, but to dive deeper into portraying this sweet memory of yours as something artistically crafted just for you. There’s no wedding story that fits all, and it’s important that your video holds true to that. There are so many elements to this form of art that I feel are engrained in my soul. While proper education, experience, and equipment are all important (obvi), it’s about the heart. I have the heart. 

It’s about the heart. I have the heart.


I’m 25, a Colorado native, and truly live a better life being a filmmaker. I married my high-school sweetheart, Nik, in August 2018, where we celebrated the love that started when we were 15 and 16. You can see the video of that day here, because I promise to be as vulnerable with you as I hope that you be with me.

I want that so badly for you, to relive your biggest moments too.

I got into filmmaking by accident. My mom was a painter growing up, and I always felt inspired by her using art as an outlet. I was a gymnast nearly my whole childhood, going to school part-time to be in the gym training 30-40 hours a week. Multiple broken bones and two broken backs later, I had to retire at 13 years old. I lost my identity being a gymnast, the only thing I had ever truly known and loved. The majority of my high school and college years were spent learning about myself and who I wanted to be, discovering I, too, used art as an outlet during this time of exploration. Documenting hikes, adventures, travels — I loved the feelings that watching a film made me feel. Reliving the sights, the sounds, the laughs — having the chance to relive significant moments of my own life, vividly, fully. I want that so badly for you, to relive your biggest moments too. Fast forward to learning that I didn’t fit the “mold” for the corporate world, my senior year of college I built Blnk Films — the brand, the business plan, the portfolio. I knew nothing about how to start a business, but I did it. I graduated college, became my own boss, and have never looked back. So here I am, fulfilling my dream and writing this very paragraph to you, proudly and passionately.


For all I know, you may be sitting on the other side of the screen thinking to yourself, why did she just summarize her life story? Here’s why. It’s important.

You’re here because hopefully, you love my work. Or you’re here because you’re shopping around. This is me telling you candidly, stop shopping. Your wedding day is one of the most intimate, happy, and life-changing days you’ll ever experience. It’s important to know your filmmaker not only as a filmmaker, but to feel like you know a bit about them as a human. The last thing I want is to feel like a stranger to you, because I’m going to be spending more time with you during your wedding (realistically) than your family or your best friend. I’m going to be telling you to make out with your person, and laugh, and flirt, and do all of the things to bring out the joy that is you, your relationship. I want you to inquire not only because you love my work, but also because you’re excited about me as a person! I don’t want to be your vendor, I want to be your friend that just so happens to know how to make you a badass wedding video. It’s important. That’s why.



Lead Filmmaker, Editor, and Colorist


The Team

We’ve been best friends since we were 15, were neighbors throughout high school, played sports together, and shared the same first job. College took us to different cities, where we independently discovered our love for filmmaking. Not only that, but our husbands also work together and quickly became best friends (I know, dream come true)

We make a fantastic team.

Jillian is the owner of BlackTree Video, a small film house whose focus is creative videos for small businesses and creatives alike. While we independently own our own businesses, Jillian is the girl you’ll see at your wedding with me when I need a second hand!





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