Happy You're Here

Moments in life are meant to be captured, I believe it to the core of my being. The goosebumps. The tears. The way your partner’s eyes sparkle when they look at you. Your mother’s hands fastening your dress, or your father adjusting your tie — those same, beautiful hands that held you when you were a child. Your parent’s proudest moment as they're fighting back tears, handing you off to build a family of your own, your new safe haven. The only time you’ve seen your brother cry, or when your best friend pops a bottle of champagne and soaks everyone in the wedding party. I’m here for it, to capture every fleeting moment you experience. I want for your memories to live on for generations beyond you, so that your pastimes are vibrant and full of life. Rather than fading, these moments will grow with you and the love that you have so intricately created. Welcome to Blnk Films, I can’t wait to tell you all about it.


raw, genuine, and emotional wedding films for the two-becoming-ones




A romantic since day one and lover of all love. I get lost in daydreams and think that moments in life are 10x better when paired with the perfect song. (Type 4 anybody?) I believe that fresh air is an instant cure for a bad mood and that a vase full of fresh flowers is highly underrated. I place a lot of value in making a house a home, and obsessively decorate a room until it feels just right. A patio hang at a local brewery is on my list of favorite things, with a Taco Bell bean burrito right up there in the top 10. Quality time, inside jokes, brewed coffee in the morning, tears streaming down my face from laughing too hard, happy dogs, wearing my husband’s shirts to bed, reality tv with a glass of wine in hand, a hug after a long day — all small things, but all things that make my life feel full. I like to think of myself as a complex human being, but I think we’re all a bit more simple than we think. Getting to document humans being humans, feeling love, experiencing joy, and forgetting about the stresses of life for a moment, to remember what it’s all really about anyway — that’s pretty damn cool.