Drew + Bethanie | Love Is Greater


Drew + Bethanie


We were the first to arrive on the pass that morning - pitch black with howling wind and limited visibility. We didn’t know what to expect about the hours ahead.

We sat there in my car just listening, waiting. Bethanie and Drew pulled up with their family, and there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that after 10 years, this was the day these two would say I Do.

Forget 90% of the equipment we brought, Mother Nature took the lead and led us to the most beautiful river we could’ve asked for. We were just two girls with two cameras there to capture it.

Bethanie and Drew’s one request for their film was to tell the story of how much nature has influenced the power of their love - I have to say the most epic blizzard that made its appearance for their sunrise elopement was the best thing that could’ve happened.

I’ll never forget this day, congratulations to this incredible couple!

Without you, I never would’ve swam in the ocean. I never would’ve driven across the country.